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Wide-ranging interior decorating projects.

Over the last decade, I've had the privilege of working with some incredible clients. Featured in Charlotte STYLE Magazine in 2013, I have continued to grow my brand in the Charlotte area. My best work is done with a long creative leash and change-ready clients. Building a reputation that I like to challenge decorating comfort zones within a classic and traditional arena is a mission accomplished, in my book.

Interior decorating services:

  • Overall room plan including a visual design board
  • Space planning; furniture placement
  • Paint, fabric and rug choices
  • Wall décor
  • Accessories
  • Budget: large or small

At the end of the day, my chief objective is to incite positive change and impactful progress in the way a home or a business is perceived and enjoyed. Believe it or not,  this often simply requires a color change, a pattern swap, a rearrange, or a statement piece.


From my Decor Portfolio

All of my services are billable based on a per room flat fee for the design plan and an hourly rate for the implementation.  A budget can be determined prior to starting the project(s). Many of the projects you see below were the product of much collaboration with clients to accomplish their design needs.  Enjoy!

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